Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello Friends!

Well long time no see!
havent been keeping up so well here and all apologies for that just been really enjoying having some extra time! Catching up on art, sleep, emails and all that groovy stuff! Working on some things for some art groups I am, working on my art group and things of that nature...learning some stuff in other programs and windows movie maker which is tons of fun...I can see endless possibilities it!!
How are you all doing? Happy and healthy I hope this blog post finds you..
Been thinking about doing some updating and making some changes know for me it changes with the weather....same for my apartment cant have one room the same way too long I get bored with it. Keep an eye out some new buttons on their way and a few other updates. 
Here are some images from things I've been working on this week...finished that baby quilt I posted about last time I came came out pretty cute not bad for a first ever quilt..trial and error with things like that you learn fast what to not do next time! :)
Here is some eye candy for you all..
my art a bit carried away and when i looked up it was stuff!

what a great of my 365 photos...

DONE! Cute? I think so...for a first try.

Thousands of images taken back in the summer that I never got around to editing...

Really love summer and these photos make me long for hot summer nights..walks through carnivals..

making all sorts of Valentines crafty art these light up cupcakes they make me happy!
the start of an art challenge from April Cole!

Falcon kite!!

Getting there...but not done...
 Just a drop in the bucket of things I've been working on I was so busy through the holidays with work and have too's so now that I have time I can hardly keep up with the ideas and thoughts in my head...more to come folks. Keep coming back..I promise to get better at updates! Thanks for stopping by! xx Debbie

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