Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Short Post!

I've been such a bad blogger this past week. Just trying to get lots of art supplies and art space organized, working, making all sorts of are a few things I've done. 365 project is going okay..will write more about that maybe later today...hard to stay motivated for it on days that I work but I am 9 days in and still going at it...just have to tell myself that its not about perfect photos just things from the day that will help trigger memories of the day. Not feeling very good today...working a short day 3-8 to cover for a co-worker who is sick. Then art..and possibly a more in depth blog. See you all on the flip side and here are a few visual things from my week!
Revisiting my sketchbooks...much more of this to come trying to get some skills back in place

baby quilt I am making for a family memeber!

New banner for my art group on FB

Artful Royalty crown made for April Cole's challenge!

love is in the air...working on some cute Valentines

oh the love for messes with art supplies!

live chat with April Cole

Sunday's 365 images..had a great day!!

Monday 365 image my sister made us cabbage soup...YUM

My pride and joy niece Dessie..I love her so much!!
Way more to come...if I could jsut find the time this week was my first week in 7 years of working where I'm employed that I was scheduled to NOT close but a co-worker got sick and I'm closing lol Oh well hope she gets better soon..that is whats important. WAY more to come folks..way more!

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