Monday, January 28, 2013

Where does the time go....

Places like this...a visual week.

Anton Art Center Mt. Clemens MI..wonderful art no name on any of them makes me nuts
 Cool work of moves the skeleton bangs his staph against the chimes which trigger a series of events causing gears you can see below him to rotate and move causing the record looking thing with symbols on it to a record...really loved this a lot but not so sure I';d want it in my home just saw the movie possession and it would be just my luck something would come out of it and try to get

Another cool work with NO name...come on Anton Art Center get with it...lame.

Ancient ATC's?

Made this blanket  with Sam last night! :) She is warm tonight for sure!

Cupcakes for kicka** co workers!
a flat tire that turned into a 210.00 price tag...not happy.
Book I'm working on tonight

My mini me lol
 Digital zine #2 not for sale just making for personal use and the process

little things make me so happy..this is one of them tiny colorful beads!
And there you have folks makes me tired just looking at it all..its been a busy week with a few series of unfortunate events but that is life no one ever said it would be fair or perfect right? Roll with the punches all bad things pass see a rainbow...every time it rains or in this case...SNOWS! YIKES we are getting hit with some snow tonight folks here in MI. Off to bed for me soon feeling my eyes start to fight with me. Have a lovely night...Will try to get much better about posting more often! Promise...

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