Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Storms Outside & Within

Well hello folks...
What a day what a day indeed. Work was grueling and rather busy...typically makes the time go by faster but feeling that know the kind where you know things inside are changing? The way you see your future...the things you long most for...a quiet assessment of where you have been and where you are can feel rather unsettling and anxious and at the same time...creates some adrenalin...
Trying to get myself back in the habit of blogging on a more regular basis. Can be a challenge when you have work, kids, house work, art projects and life's have too's. Sometimes the day just gets away from me...time passes and keeps passing and waits for no one. Looking forward to one more day passing cause I am feeling like I need a day to do the things I want and relax. Yes, calm the storm....
Longing for Spring / Summer. Warm heat on my face, some heartfelt healing...some deeper medication. the sun does something magnificent to me. Not the kind of heat that is unbearable. But the kind of sun that you can just stand in the morning in...and close your eyes and feel it penetrate you.  I need that. Instead, I am hearing yet more snow to fact 6-10 inches by the time the weekend is over and its been gloomy, foggy and raining for days now. If this rain had been snow I would be buried to the neck with it.
Don't have much to offer in the way of visual stimulation....just my words today...and that is all.
Have a peaceful, restful night and good day tomorrow.


  1. I know what you're talking about! The sun is very powerful for me, too, and this time of year--January into February--can be hard to weather!

  2. Yes indeed Andria. Thank you so much for stopping by. This read to me today like an Eeyore quote " Thanks for noticin me LOL" What a gloomy post this was...well folks some days are just not greatest days. I'd rather just be real and say the day sucked than to pretend its something its not. Just sayin! Happy post will follow...i always bounce back..and yes...sometimes..with the weather! :)