Friday, February 08, 2013

Assembly line Valentines!

Hey folks..good morning ..super early here worked all night on these Valentines to meet the deadline..have a few other things this weekend with pressing deadlines to get to but now...the snow is falling in great amounts and I am tempted to just get dressed in an hour and make some coffee..and head out with my camera to take some beautiful winter shots! Tempted..not convinced yet that I am awake enough or up for this...but got much done tonight. These are Valentines for a swap by my dear friend April Cole's Studio..
Here is a peak...make out of cardboard cut out hearts, gesso, acrylic paint, wshi, ink, paper, tissue paper, twine and beads. Love them! 



  1. I love you honey! These are great and it was nice you let me help a little... even if just a very little. As far as your temptation was concerned, the ride out in the snow was fun. I love going out and taking pictures with you! :) (Ride home was a bit scary! lol)

  2. LOL sleep for 24 hours can do that to a person the rode starts playing tricks on your eyes..specially in blinding white snow covered roads and landscape. Thanks for being a good sport and going.