Thursday, February 07, 2013

Time for some snow it seems!

Well hello chums...hope the day finds you doing well. I am sitting here with a towel on my head...having a cup of coffee and trying to find some motivation for the to work in just a few short hours..then off until Saturday but wanted to stop by this morning and say HELLO (echo) out there in cyberspace. Michigan is about to be plumbed with a blizzard today...not until later this afternoon but when the weather says "blizzard" on the hour to hour from 5pm until know stuffs about to get deep lol Not looking forward to it but that Mother Nature....she never returns my calls or voice mails...I'm thinking she could care less what I'm up for what do you think? LOL

Lots of art projects in the works for the weekend. Any of you join the mystery muse this year? I did, and its driving me nuts that I know nothing about my mus-ee. I like to know something about the person i send handmade artful things to what they like what colors they love if they are an artist me nuts its not a long enough walk you need to pack a lunch for it but the curiosity is killing me!!!
This weekend artful projects...listing to help me keep track not you lol
1 Frida dress...hmm....still banging head on this one but have a few ideas in the works that is for the lovely April Cole's swap...
6-8 Valentines cards to send out for the April Cole Valentine swap....April yer killing me ;)
2 artful things via snail mail for the mystery muse
2 letters to write
photos from photo shoots to edit for the people they are for..this wont take too long just re touching and resizing....
yikes got my work cut out for myself...and its a good thing...isolation has felt needed lately.
Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday...going to be cleaning this place up within a couple of weeks...all new banners, buttons, tags, and and etsy show with prints on the way!! YAY!
Catchy ou all on the flip side!
Happy 2nd birthday Dessie! Aunt Debbie loves you so much!!

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  1. Too cute... Debbie!!
    Your take on "mother nature" :]
    Darn, she is one tuff * % # *+**. Never gives in and always willing to keep us on our toes!! ((LOL))
    Spring will come... that is a promise, my friend. :]

    Your niece is such a "cutie pie"... adorable picture.
    Happy Birthday Dessie!

    Oh, and the art stuff... you have fun, enjoy, and create "pretty" things Debbie. It is good for the soul. ~xx