Friday, February 15, 2013

The Core of My Mental Struggle

Deep of confession: I watch this video..and I hear Mr. Watt.. his words..and the fear of not surviving and what he is saying here ring so incredibly true to my life right now that it puts me on the verge of deep tearful cries aloud...Makes my heart beat so hard I can see my shirt move on my chest...and yet....fear grips me and every word he says rings true...its all wretch and no do you let go of the fear of surviving with little to no resources as is...and just do what your calling is and what makes you happy?
He asks in this video "What would you do if money were no object" We all can think of a thousand answers to that question but the fact remains that money IS an object...the only one when there is no safety net or anything to fall back on in this life to surviving this life and I gotta tell ya folks..I'm scrapping by...I'm not real sure how to let go of fear of failure, fear of survival that's been embedded into my brain all throughout my life to an unhealthy degree
This video speaks so loudly to me today...and I keep repeating to myself again and again with that quiet voice in the back of my head and heart..." just breathe" and " you can do this" 
STRONGLY suggest you all watch this... Turn the music on the page off down at the bottom of the screen to watch this and be able to hear it without sound it wont mean much.


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