Monday, February 18, 2013

Been So Sick

Helloo (ello...ello..ello) That was an gets kinda lonesome here anyone out there? :)
Hope if there is you are well! Thanks for coming by...been hit and miss with me here lately working on many projects, trying to meet deadlines, maintain sanity and get over a two week span in the worst headaches of my adult life! Not sure if it is  sinus infection I am guessing that because I am not sneezing and have a terrible icky nose..but for two weeks every single day I had headaches that made it very difficult to function at times. Can't miss work cause that is only afforded to those who can afford time off you can imagine working with a headache like that can be trying. Dealing with some family dynamics that don't really involve me however effect me because the effect people I love..sometimes those things can be draining and difficult as well. Sorry for my lack of consistency here in weeks past..just so much to do and tend to but I have been getting better about posting even if it is something small.
Will be revealing my etsy chop in the next week or so...been working on some packages and prints for that trying to decide what I would like to is a great deal of work and time consuming. Just for instance one package of four postcards require files of each 4x6 card, then a file that is for the purpose of print, then an image that displays all four cards for imagine 6-12 postcard sets, 25 photography and art prints, magnets, gets nuts! Up for the challenge but it takes time..specially when you work for a living. I find myself at times envious of those who get to sit home all day and just explore with their art supplies. That is just not my reality but its more rewarding to get it done knowing the challenges I more obstacle to overcome :)
Then you have to deal with people either taking your ideas, altering your ideas, or being hateful cause they hate when you accomplish something for yourself...I can't understand that mindset and have no need for THAT in my life. I'm on a mission and its about to blow! :) Hold on for the ride...might wanna wear that seat belt folks! xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon!!! Haven't checked your blog lately because I read FB. Didn't realize the work for putting stuff on Etsy and all the stuff with the postcards. Hugs that it all goes well with everything!!!

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I have slacked here a bit just due to these terrible headaches and dealing with life issues..which have possibly been causing the headaches lol..much love thank you for stopping by! xx

  2. I hope your headaches are completely gone by now! I am looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop...good job getting it underway!

  3. Andria thank you so much for coming by..I wonder if anyone reads this ol blog but unfortunately the headaches have not stopped...starting to think I possibly have a pinched nerve in my neck or that I am suffering from cluster or migraine headaches..either way their getting really old and I will have to break down and go to the Dr. Thank you for your kind words! <3