Sunday, March 03, 2013

Good Sunday Afternoon!

Hello this place is dusty haven't been by here nearly enough as of lately. Things have been so busy some days I do not know if I am coming our going. Mom's been pretty sick, been working every day, have an art group on Facebook I have been trying to get off the ground and doing much work for, trying to balance photography, art, work, family, have too's it can get busy friends and I apologies for not being more attentive but ...big things coming hopefully within the next 14 days! A new facelift here on this blog, the grande opening on my etsy shop..can't WAIT for this weather in Michigan to break..been itching to get out with my camera!! I do hope this finds you well. Been just working on some smaller things when time permits cause its been so limited for me is a peak at some of the things I've done in the past couple of weeks...loving making these tags! KarenAnn Yong and April Cole just have me addicted to them lately! They are both fantastic at making them and I've had a pile of them just sitting like blank canvas waiting to be blessed with is a look at some of those!

 Had two collages to work on for a swap for my art group and here is a peak at those and their process..

If time were sold it bottles..we would all be addicted.
Little Dreamer has a story..
 Attempted to make an artful envelope for snail mail with tracing paper the group liked this one so I made a tutorial for them and those are the photos below..
First one is always trial an error isn't it?
Sheesh..will work for postage stamps folks..England, CA, CO, AZ..sending out love all over the world!
Keeping up with mail art and artful goodies through snail mail..

Altered coasters I worked on last week what fun! Goin green with art is great!
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I do not recommend the ditto ink...
My shameful art messes...they get bad lol I need a studio the size of my apartment folks..really!


 As you can see..I was not kidding I've been a busy bee...i work every day have had a photo shoot or two...check out adorable Little angels Jay & Scarlet!
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 Finished up Mystery Muse 2013 with this second offering...

 Created my own mini business cards with art and collages I've made..
Altered mini mathcboxes
Dessie turned 2!! ( My niece)
Made her Miss Bunny!
Won 1st place Black History Month Art Contest for portrait
Made these super sweet file folder books with April Cole in her LIVE Hangout!
Book isn't done still working on it may make another  soon...
 And now I'm just exhausted looking back over the last month...and can you believe it I have a day job too! So please know I'm here..I dont forget about this place or any of you who are actual readers, followers and have some plans for peppin this place right up! Just takes time! I hope you have a great Sunday and thank you for stopping by! Many blessings and love to go around the world and back again! :)


  1. OH MY!!! :]
    TONS OF LOVE HERE... so inspiring Debbie. ~xx
    I do not even know where to begin... okay, EVERYTHING is artful, filled with color, love & life!! Love you gal. <3

  2. many wonderful things going on, I don't know where to begin to comment! I love the vibrant colors you work with in your art, and your projects turn out so beautifully!