Friday, April 12, 2013

Hellloooo....( echo echo echo)

Hello there friends!
April 12th..2013 it is today boy its been a bit since I have been here to blog...I apologie for that hopefully this catch up blog will give you an idea of where I have been all this time and whats been going on in my life. Today is Don's birthday..a very happy birthday I'd like to wish him...47 years old he is today!! Happy Birthday honey.! :)
  If any of you are still out there. Took a bit of a break from blogging but this place is still here and so am I...Alive and many things have happened in my life in the past few months and I needed to kinda reorganize, attempt to find some balance..all sorts of new things coming up for this place hopefully THIS weekend! I am hoping that is...well at least by Monday...Been working on a great deal of art...started an art group called The Enchanted Imaginarium on Facebook...if you are an artist and you like sharing and networking with like minded creative souls hop over there add me as a friend and join the group we would love to have you there!

Hope I have not lost some of my faithful followers...Just needed a break and to find some structure. Still not sure I am 100% there ...but getting much closer! Keep an eye out folks..Can't believe I have not posted since March are some things I've worked on since that time for some eye candy.
Did a photo shoot of a friend and local Gospel musician at the historical and lovely Cliff Bell's in downtown is amazing...all mahogany wood and brass...legends have played there and its just a really cool spot a gem in the heart of the city..
Some digital backgrounds I created for the art group..
Still going strong on my photo a day 365 project...proud of that fact...

Been playing with all sorts of new art mediums and having ab last with it...doing some sketchbook challenging with April Cole from over at April Cole's Studio..been taking part in all sorts of swap and challenges and art group activities..expanding horizons!

 Been trying to get back to some of the basics in art...drawing which was my first love to begin with..some colored pencil work..some watercolor and some pastels..planning on some nature journaling this Spring and summer...
  This is just a drop in the bucket of what I have been up to since last blog..making me tired just looking at it all lol On top of this maintaining family life, day job, photo shooting, made wedding invites for my niece, communion invites for a friends daughter...
shot these cuties too! 

 Again...just a drop in the bucket..
Got to my first batch of flowers in my Secret Garden this season...surely to be spending a great deal of time there this Spring and summer...most peaceful place on earth for me right now..

 There are more where that came from but I realize this may be information certainly has been for me too but hey...gotta take these opportunities as they present themselves. 

While I am catching you all up on what has taken place in my life since my last is only appropriate that I share with you a birthday has passed...42 years old I am now...feeling 30! ;) Some

Further, and far more important than any of these other things just not as easy to discuss.. I lost a brother named Robert whom I yet had the opportunity to meet. Without going into too many details...he lost his battle with depression and alcoholism just shy of 30 years old. It has been a rough week for me. He took his own life in April 2, 2013.
Robert and I talked in great lengths over the last few years on the phone and through letters. He too was an artist. He had three children 10, 7 and 4. So sad and unfortunate. Been struggling with this a a great deal all week..thank you to all of those who have sent their love and support..prayers and who have listened to me in my time of need and mourning..  One thing I have peace with is that Robert now has peace that he never knew in the living world. The story is long and not one that I would like to share but needed to include him here to let you all know aside from all that you see here...real life happens and things get muddy sometimes..and busy...and sometimes you just have to take a step back..and breathe.
Rest in Peace
Robert Dechape COMBS
July 13, 1983 - April 2, 2013

 We will meet one day...

And so you can see I've been so busy and this place has not been far from my mind...just needed a bit of time. I have some great plans for this blog that have been in the works for months now! 
Keep an eye out! 
Kiss the ones you love, take nothing in this life for granted,
be kind and by all means...have a great Friday. 

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