Friday, April 26, 2013

Long Day & Artful Reflection

Hi friends..
Coming to you late but never the less here...with coffee in hand..
it has been a long day for me indeed and hope this finds you all well..maybe sleeping? I'm off tomorrow so I thought while I am finally sitting..I would say hello and share a few things. 
I worked all day today and came home to an empty house..Don went with his son up north to see his family for a night or two before Josh goes to Basic Training..I do hope they are having a great visit..I work Saturday morning and had so many things to do I opted to stay home..and got a ton of things done. Cleaned out and organized my very limited studio space..

Artful reflection: I have entirely too many interest and projects and too much art supplies if that is even a possibility...let me rephrase this..I dont have enough room for all of the things I need to fulfill my muse! Way better...with that being said it seems there is a cycle for artists that we go through...I spent close to five hours after work tonight sorting, ditching, organizing, finding things I forgot I had..and now it will take about two weeks before it needs to be done all over again LOL I can't be the only one! 

And so...a ton of work for me..and now I sit with one of my favorite coffee cups..fresh hot coffee and my Somerset issue of LIFE April,May June issue..have had it for two weeks and just now playing catch up but I did have a chance to fly through it the day I got it and I put sticky notes on the pages of things that really peak my interest and that I want to make special note of...
While cleaning up art supplies I emptied a bucket I has some misc items in and this was stuck to the bottom..found it funny because I have been researching butterfly gardens and it was just ironic..
 One of my friends Diane Scott from my FB art group called The Enchanted Imaginarium
 Has introduced me to the concept of a Nature Journal and I have been making signatures and have all the pages and cover cut and ready to go just trying to decide how to bind it best..but I've walked through my life..always loving nature and every element of it...birds..trees and flowers have always held a special place in my heart but sometimes...we walk through life loving something..and never knowing a thing about it...other than its name or what it looks I've been watching all sorts of documentaries on butterflies and humming birds and crows and all of these things I love and my summer plan is to really indulge in learning and documenting through artfully journaling these things. We spend a great deal of our down time in the summer doing nature trails with our cameras and its just perfect and so...I found this GREAT website if any of you are interested in a Butterfly Garden.
One this site you put in your zipcode..and it generates a list with images of the butterflies typically found in your region. You then click the images of the butterflies you would like to attract to your butterfly garden and it then gives you a list with photos and descriptions, directions for caring for and planting the flowers and foliage that will attract the butterflies you want to attract how cool right!? That is what I SAID!! :) Here is a link if you are interested these can be as small or as elaborate as you can Google images or other sites telling you how to do one or giving you examples of other peoples for inspiration and ideas! Here is the link! 

And is late...going to read for a bit and meet with my pillow...seems strange not having Don here! Good night friends!

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