Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Morning

Heart full of gratitude, disappointment, nonsense...all in a big ball this morning. Hope this Sunday finds you well friends. Working on some coffee and some mixed media post cards today..going over and over in my head last lasts church service. What a great service it was I really do love my church...last nights service was titled "What Would Jesus Say To Ted Nugget" LOL Epic..the topic was related to violence, gun control and what the bible says about it all and I just keep telling myself over and over what messages I walked away with...message came with divine timing.
They are these:
Pray for those who persecute you...when Jesus was being persecuted he did not seek revenge he did not become violent he said instead " Forgive them Father for they know not what they do" I also walked away with the understanding that those who seek to be a peacekeeper and peacemaker are blessed and highly favored. It is not in the eyes of God wrong however to protect your self and others from evil or from violent physical attacks. In fact it is a duty to the Lord to protect others and your home and personal belongings. It is also our right. 
I cannot be accountable for other peoples feelings or actions, they own their own feelings and actions. As unfortunate as some circumstances are in this life sometimes you just have to choose to walk away quietly and let the other person resolve within themselves the battles they carry, honestly I have enough of my own to go around the world a few times...
I just want to be reserved, walk away quietly and cause no hate or ill feelings in this life. I cannot be responsible for other peoples actions, and dont condone hateful behavior. With that being said..onward. 
Working today on some upcoming hopefully good news..
also some mixed media post cards for mail art.
Here is a peak at those. 

Been really loving turning photos into Polaroids as well...I like the ability to have a space for writing or are a few I've done recently.

it is coming..

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