Monday, May 20, 2013

Hi friends!

Been a few days since I last blogged. Happy Monday and I do hope this finds you well.
Was getting a bit of cabin fever from being immobile with my hurt foot and leg and had to get out yesterday for sanity sake! Took a ride over the secret garden and the progress being made is incredible!! Here are some visuals from that visit..
Love getting water drops after a good nature feeding!

Little babies!

Work station with visitors!

So pretty in pink!

One of my favorite types of flowers..well they are all my favorites! lol

Love this one really...

I nver forget to recognize the color purple!

Entry path to my secret garden! Not in full bloom yet but just wait!

The smell of lilac is so incredibly pleasing to me...

The studio in the secret forest need a grass cutting and see the eggs! so exciting! ;)

Protecting lady of the garden...she lets no evil pass..

 Hope you enjoyed your visit...come back soon! Happy travels friends~

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