Monday, May 13, 2013

Late But Here!

Howdy friends!
Stopping by for a quick blog some visuals from my week..some updates. Hope this finds you all well.
Leg is healing I am happy to report...still very sore and still in a wheel chair for the work day but today, I am happy to report that I took a couple of steps without crutches or a walker! Yay on the rebound friends on the heal..Been catching up on my art group swaps and some art projects I started. Here are a few things from the week. My life hasnt really been too exciting just able to sit and lay..lots of writing and making art..catching up on things I got behind on...and so here it is some things I've worked on since my last blog post. Hope you enjoy and I will be back with more this week! Have a great week and lets hope some of that nice weather I was laid up for last week returns! 

Been really loving working with Lomography techniques in photos..I am always a bit torn between an artist photo and aa perfect photo..I enjoy both. I can see doing much more of it in the future..

 Some mail art swap postcards for my art group pals..having a blast with these...
just some fun doodle artful fun!
 A new favorite mixed media piece..just when I think she is done..she isn't.

 New banner for my new FB Art Page come by and check it out..hundreds of images of my work!!
Selling prints currently on Etsy
Cute little birdies...gotta love pinterest projects this is a fun one for kids guys..very simple and cute!
New..Mr. Hoot
Weekend Artful Challenge: Notes to Self!

 Hope all of you Mom's out there had a great Mothers Day today.

 Lots of love and have a great week...hope you enjoyed your visit! xx

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