Thursday, May 30, 2013

Late Night Post

Haven't got to work on much art in two weeks but took some photos are a few of those.. come back to center and realign myself..I have to go out into the woods or be with nature or go into the country and embrace the simple things that I love...the sun shining through trees and making Spring leaves glisten...Mason jars with morning dew...rusty old watering cans and the smell if fresh lilac brings me back to life. Been so worried about my dad...been so anxious about everything as long as I dont forget..that God is with me always...I will prosper no matter what challenges come my way.

I am blessed and would like to give a very sincere and heart felt Thank You. I have the most amazing friends and art group on FB. Here is a link to my art group if you are interested..
These friends have served to be some of the best friends I could ever ask for in this world and that is true. They have been ever loving, ever supportive through my professional transition and al of this with my leg and my dad...I am blessed and I am so full of gratitude for you all. I would have never thought in a million years that place would become so close to my heart but it has and it means the world to me. Here are a few of my other pages as well for my art and my photography.
 Headed to bed after the church service I missed Saturday when I had to be down at the hospital..
Curious and want to listen? Check it out! 

I love my church so so so much. I love Pstor Jeff and so forever in debt to the great Kuhnle family who have become such good friends and who told us about Heritage...we cant imagine our lives without it at this point. Pastor Jeff is a true good not many others...
That is a fact. Amen....good night and be blessed...xx 

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