Monday, June 10, 2013

Been Awhile

Well hi there friends. Any that may still be around. So many things happening in my life in the last two months free time for blogging and such have really been hit and miss. I finished out my last two weeks at Baker College...was a bit of an emotional last day for me..had been there for ten years total counting my undergrad programs there and 8 years of employment.  Will miss my co-workers and they did a really fantastic job of making me feel loved and supported my last day of work. :) 
They made me cry. Wendy Ross is one of the best human beings I have ever met and what a fantastic boss. Looking forward however to the new chapter in my life. Off this week between jobs but its been busy...have never have a vacation on the 8 years I worked for Baker right now I feel like I' missing work and being bad or strange to not be going to work today. lol 
Been a busy couple of months for me...dads car accident, my leg injury, job interview, resignation from old job, shot two weddings my niece and Don's is a sneak peak form those..

1,215 photos later....I'm there was Don's brother Gary's wedding...

 All this love in the air CAN YOU FEEL IT? :)
So...other than the business of all of this stuff I have not gotten to work on much art but that changes today...nothing but art for the night..YAY!!

And so...this is why I have not blogged in a bit but things are slowing down..for this week anyways..another wedding on Saturday few appointments this week coming up...going to take a crash course refresher with user manual and a ton of Youtube videos to learn CS6 In Design...
More to come throughout the week while I have some time off...stayed tuned and enjoy the great start we have to summer! xx

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