Tuesday, May 07, 2013

On My Table

Hello! And welcome to The Artful Life of Peculiar little ol ME. 
Imagine seeing you here...:) Come on it..get comfortable and by all means...make yourself at home..
News? Etsy shop open this week!! YAY!! I did it!! So excited and will be sharing that link this weekend with the rest of the world...only a few items up thus far but its in the works..have some great things lined up. Even if I never sell one single print...I faced that fear and I held true to my personal New Year's resolution to just go for it! 
Other things coming soon folks...hold on to your hats!
Things I've been working on while down with a bum leg? Sanity..some mixed media things..some phot editing cleaning up files catching up on great things with The Enchanted Imaginarium..been nice to have so much time to dedicate to that while off work for a week and laid up..here is a link if you are a mixed media artist, if you sew cool artful things, if you paint, scrapbook or just love to doodle and make friends who like to share their artful journey and make great friends..this is the place for YOU! We do fun swaps and challenges and just have a great artful time come check us out at 

and so...a peak at some work on my art table right now...

1941 Once Upon A Time Tales
 Sometimes finding the right words can take hours. A dear friend found this book for me at a local yard sale and I just love it...it never fails me in having the words I seek and need for various projects..have destroyed this book but for a good cause! :)
Catch you all soon...stay tuned!

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