Sunday, May 05, 2013

Still A Process

Hello Cheerios! Hope this finds you well. I am coming toy uo from the same lovely spot I have been in for what feels like days on end. A bit tired of sitting but getting to some much needed artful fun time! Been working on some things, getting etsy account opened, some art group things...swaps...challenges and the like. Getting my ducks in a row from some big news the meantime really tired of this bum leg and wound. It sent me back to the ER yesterday where I found out the first cast was applied wrong and was cutting off my circulation. They thought I had a blood clot from it thank goodness that was not the case but better to be safe than sorry. Here are a few things I've worked on this week in photos and on my art table. Hope you enjoy!
New digital work: Aspire To Inspire.

New digital work. Dream. Old concept from a zine I made..expanded on it for a larger piece.

Stencil love

Poscards inspired by Roben Marie-Smith

Mini books I'm having a BLAST with!
 Off work for a bit to come still...tired of sitting and laying...think I may have done help me get outside so I can work on my nature journal and have a shower. Hope your weekend has been an artful one! See you on the flip side and don't forget the lessons in a day.
Mine is this: Don't let ugly people make you ugly. Life is too short for pettiness.

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