Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday friends! Hope this Sunday finds you doing well and the world being kind  to you. Thought I would drop by for some hello's and to share a bit of my world with you. It is COLD here in Michigan this says it is currently 41 degrees the realfeel is 37 and they are talking rain and snow mixed by Tuesday! Yikes! Turned the heat on and still a bit cold this morning. Winter is certainly on its way. 
The week was a busy one..some new training at work which has been pleasant thus far and going well..some medical tests and with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I had my first ever mammogram. What can I say about that? It is not fun and it is a bit uncomfortable but I cant stress enough how dire it is if you over 40 to get one. My mother is a breast caner survivor and I also have a friend currently going through chemo for it and ones who have gone through it. Early detection  is imperative ladies...feel your boobies...they're yours...and be sure to get a mammogram. Hoping some of the other tests I've had done this week and ones coming next week reveal no need for a major surgery. This weekend was a fun and relaxing one. Friday night my oldest Sam and her boyfriend Garrett came over and watched a couple of movies. Love having them visit..Saturday we went to a rubber stamp convention was okay but slightly disappointing due to lack of products I had hoped to see there. Then we had some hot wings and watched the football game. Only fair since I did drag Don tot he rubber stamp convention with me. Came home and did some doodle...just relaxed..which was in order with exactly what I needed and need more of today. an uneventful day is ahead..some sewing and art time for sure football for him. Not a huge fan myself infact I would rather eat nails than watch football...just sayin. Here is some of my doodle from last night..
and so there it is. I'm so hardcore I know. Going to have some fruit and my coffee..and get the day started. I need  to warm up its freezing in here!! Have a great Sunday folks. Peace & love!

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