Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sometimes you just have to...

Be still. 
Go within and find the calm...
Go out and find the calm...
Find it however you need to. That is where the inspiration for this one came about.

Finally after a few weeks of non stop busy and choas..find some time to just be with myself and go within. 
It was glorious! 

Today...was such a beautiful day..worked on some Halloween things for a team I joined competing at work for a half day off if you can spook good...contest? Ha,..check and mate! I can be ever so slightly competitive. Flaw? I think not...over achiever? Maybe. 
Got out after working on those things this morning and took a drive into the country.Just a beautiful perfect kind of Fall day here in to come later tonight. Feeling full of gratitude today for all that is good in this life for all that is here for our taking and for all things nature which I am passionately in love with..
Hope the day is treating you good xx

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