Thursday, December 19, 2013

Been a month....

Hello friends!! Long time no see. I apologize for that but been incredibly busy. I had to try to hurry and get all holiday related things done early because on the 13th I had a hysterectomy. I am home at least three weeks off of work right now in the healing process from the surgery. It was a bit rough and right now I find I'm having some good days and some rough days but overall the surgery went well. T
Right now...I am just trying to cope with the healing process I can be very impatient and I have not had to be off work in over ten years for this length of time for anything so I feel a bit like a fish out of water...not sure what to do with myself. The days are long it seems and I cant lift, bend or do much else but walk some, sit and lay. I feel so unproductive but I know my insides need to heal well and that not doing what I'm suppose to be doing could result in severe complications. The things we take fro granted in a the ability to drive or be able to go to work....the ability to just bend over to plug the Christmas tree in....I'm looking forward to being done with all of this and getting back to life.
I hope your worlds are spinning in the right direction and that life is being good to you these days. Hope you are all enjoying the seasons festivities and some holiday cheer! It felt great to get all of the shopping and such done and out of the way prior to surgery so I dont have to fight the crowded stores and crazy people!
And so...this is where my life has been for several weeks now. Please forgive my absence and know that my goal is to at least blog once or twice a week as time permits.  Have a blessed day friends and talk to you again soon! love + hot cocoa with marshmallows ~)

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