Saturday, November 09, 2013

Much needed studio time...

Hi friends..a rather late post this time..yes I know its 10pm on Saturday night that's not so late but my habits have more night owl for me despite loving the evening hours my schedule doesn't allow for it any longer...but up some much needed sanity studio time tonight and played with some altered corks and wooden spools that I have been wanting to get to.

Most recent issue of one of my many favorites publications by Somerset Studios has an article by Linda Trenholm and her altered spools are just beautiful...her article coupled with the awesome altered cork that was sent to me as a pick me up from a dear friend and art group member Kathy Childers gave me some inspiration to give it a shot and make them my own. And so I did thank you to these two very talented individuals for their muse was craving something new to play with. I save so many little trinkets...I keep them well organized but people ask often why do you save broken jewelry, bits of ear ring when one is lost...well that is because I know without a doubt there will be a re-purpose for those items...they will get recycled in some way creative...and so here are some images...from my humble little studio happy place...

"Peace of mind for give minutes...that's what I crave" A, Morisette

This was the first one I gave a go...was not that happy with it but its about trial and error sometimes...its growing on me

My favorite one so far..

I got a pocket full of trinkets
Corks and wooden spools...looks like I will have to drink some wine for more corks lol ;)
Really loving pretty ribbons...

 I mentioned surgery the other day and it is set at this point for December 13th. Couldn't be worse timing. Work is busy and the holidays so close...not sure how I will pull it off ..but there is never a good time for surgery I guess and I dont have a choice. Really really really not looking forward to this. On top of major surgery..recovery could put me in a position to be off of work for 3-8 weeks depending on how extensive the surgery will be and I wont know that until the Dr is in there and makes that call. VERY thankful for health insurance and a job that affords me to be able to take care of my medical needs and also will be getting medical temp disability to cover the time I am off...thank God cause Lord knows I have nothing to fall back on...its on me pals. Full of gratitude that I can get my health in feeling like it for ten years I worked for a company that didn't want to give anyone benefits or allow them time off to take care of medical needs. I NEVER forget how lucky I am. And so it is....beyond that some other testing and things medically in the works but nothing major or needing surgery or anything like this what midlife or getting older means? I'm over it. I want to be 42 and feel 20. lol Ya right? Wake up Deb? I know I know....
Man I have a GREAT playlist on this blog...listening to it while I'm blogging and love every song...hope you guys listen and enjoy it too...thanks for stopping by. xo peace....and love.

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