Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birds & Books

Hi there...

Well as for an update from the last post, I have a herniated disc in my neck...hence the pains down my arms and constant needles in my finger tips...not sure what this will mean to be physical therapy, injections or surgery...but that is where we are at as of now. Return to work on the 27th so I'm trying to relax, rest up and nurse back to well..trying to get out walking a bit it seems to help the muscles not get stiff..
Here are a few things I've worked on over the past couple of days..
Idea compliments to: Roxanne Padgett's book  titled "Acrylic Techniques"

The start of a mini journal made from Gilli Plate printing and chipboard
 Return to work on the 27th and looking forward to getting back that's for sure! But in the meantime I'm going to rest, do what the Dr. told me and make some cute artful things and stuffs! Hope you are having a great Sunday! xo

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