Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year New Goals New News

Hello chums! Hope 2014 finds the planet turning in the right direction in your worlds! It has not been turning properly in mine but we will get to that. So many apologies for the length of time it has been since I last updated. Hope my few loyal followers are still out there...
I had surgery, the holidays were a bit rough due to some complications from that surgery, a new year is upon us...I've been off work for close to five weeks at this time and while you may think that should have put me in a prefect place to blog...I  have spent most of that time in a great deal of pain. I had a laproscopic hysterectomy on December 13th. The hysterectomy itself went glorious however, when they do robotic type surgeries they put the body in a very un-natural position and it is like that for close to two hours or at least mine was. When I came out...I had just what felt like some shoulder pain an pain in my neck but nothing too noteworthy...three days later and home...I could not lift my arms above my chest or turn my head one way or the other. I ended up back in the hospital was not released until Christmas Eve and since then, my entire life has been spent with having tests done, filling new prescriptions and seeing specialist. It has honestly been a nightmare. If you can imagine, without the use of your arms there are many things one cannot possibly do...this includes things like dressing, brushing hair, showering, bending to pick things up...specially with 5 incisions in your stomach and excuse how real I am...I could not even wipe my bottom and am just now starting to feel a bit better...though pain spikes to an easy 10 at any time...it just seems to be less frequent in the last two days and I'm really thankful...hence ...I am here...saying sorry for the long break between blog posts.

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and spent your Christmas with the people you love...cause that IS what it is all about. I was forced to realize this. not that I didnt already know..but I like to really throw a nice event for the holiday and cool for the kids and have a big festive event...and my body did not allow that. In fact most of Christmas Eve I spent in the hospital crying cause it was Christmas and I wanted to go home and be with my kids and then once I got here...it was impossible to really enjoy anything cause no matter how I sat, laid or moved it was horrific pain. But...with that being said...I got to be with my family..and that made it all okay...okay well not okay but better...lol

I am now looking forward to returning to work next Monday providing my two tests go well tomorrow and the Dr. will release me to return. I am keeping my fingers crossed I miss work and feeling productive in a day I miss my work family and just would really like my life to get back to some sort of normal. I wont lie...the adaption to not staying up late again will be hell on me but its okay, it will all come back to me when that alarm sounds at 4:30am. lol

HAPPY New year to you all...I am happy to see 2013 be gone ...long gone. It was a terrible year and while I believe in finding the positive and there certainly were some positives it was an overall difficult and tragic year for me. I lost a brother I never got to meet to suicide, my parents health was declining my father was injuries rather bad twice, broke my ankle, left a job I was at for ten years and changed careers to an entirely new career which has been challenging but rewarding in many different ways..we moved...it was just a very busy and difficult year. I look forward ot this new year though it has started out a bit nutty I do feel as though good things are coming. I dont believe in making resolutions because I think if you are truly dedicated to making changes in your life you will do it be it New Year's Eve or just some Tuesday. Right? However...I do have a bucket list and I have been able in the past year to scratch off 6 things!! YES can you believe it....one was beyond my control and I never got to do and will never get to do it....and that was to meet my brother Robert. It ached ..very deep in my heart to see those words on my bucket list...and know I had to scratch it off..but one day..beyond this life we will meet and I choose to believe that.

And so...Debbie downer here  lol Welcome to what is real life. This blog isn't all about sunshine and rainbows ..its about real life..where sometimes it rains and sometimes....huge, dangerous storms blow in...but you will find me....still standing at the end of the day..after each storm.

xx More to come friends...

Word of the year...2014

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