Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Blogging

Hey there are ya huh? Hope thew world is being good to you...coming to you in a summer thunderstorm kinda evening...hey did you know if you are not into the music on my page or it distracts you from reading the player is located all the way at the top up there ^ you can mute it or stop the player...I love my playlist right now cant bring myself to change it...In fact I have my blog open in another tab so I can listen lol

Life has been fairly busy for me. LOVING my new job and all the people there...its a fun place to work and a great deal of information to learn but its a completely different environment than the last two jobs I had that made me miserable...the dynamics in a work place mean everything really. They mean the difference between total depression and happiness in my world...I have to actually like the people I spend every single day with and the group of folks at my new place of employment are really cool people..I'm very happy just hate the long rides to and from work its quite the drive..but it gives me time to wake up...listen to some good music or Dave and Chuck the Freak...those guys have me cracking up every morning....

What else is going on in life? Well we just got back yesterday from a couple of days of camping up in the thumb (Michigan) beautiful area and we just love it there...camping can be a bit rough if you are not prepared well..getting better at that Although I did get a splinter and had nothing to dig it out with....kind camping neighbors gave me alcohol swabs and a safety pin and I did the surgery fairly quick...cried like a big baby ;) Splinters those little bastards hurt....

Here are a few photos from the weekend....
our view

White Rock

beautiful sunsets up there...despite some clouds it was a great night in Port Austin

my favorite place to watch sunsets up this place so much..

photo compliments of google
So we usually camp in Port Austin...this time we camped in Harbor Beach, MI and we used the Saturday to drive up around the tip of the thumb through Port Austin and Caseville...had a bite to eat and drove back watched the sun go down in our favorite spot up there...was a nice getaway that went by too fast! 

What else....just did a graphics side job for Don's ex wife's company...had fun with that project and here is a photo she sent work is the large 8 foot banner to the far left in the image...really cool to see my work go to print and not bad side job loot either! grateful for the opportunity! 

Artistically just been working with carving my own stamps...its a process much harder to do than most people think hand that is...but I've been loving it only cut myself bad once so far but you learn after doing it what NOT to do here are a few images of my practicing that...
not bad for first ever tries at this carving thing...started going bonkers its kinda relaxing and stressful at the same
tools...used the stylus and it worked nice for tiny pokes and holes
just trying them out with some color to see how I did...some are great some are okay and some suck real bad lol
 And so...aside from working that is what I have been up to...hope you are enjoying the summer where ever in this world you are tonight...that could be just about anywhere right? :) Work week just a few hours away and the clock is tickin....good night friends xx

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