Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Evening

Hi friends....
In trying to keep my word to get better about keeping up on my blog I'm trying to at least commit to Sunday evenings...during the week its rough working so many hours doesn't leave a great deal of time in the evenings for art, art groups, family, relationship...and sanity/ So we are ...Sunday evening. It's been a rather relaxing weekend finally...something I really needed was feeling major burnout from weeks prior being constantly on the go and busy...this weekend I stayed home aside from some small errands and of course on Sunday's I go down river and help take care of my dad....I worked on some art which was nice made four little mixed media is an image of three of them..have another but haven't taken a photo of it yet that is decent just my sorry camera on my cell its horrible...I call these dolls "She Dolls" each one has a story...some funny some"SHE should have been a ginger" HA that orange hair cracks me up!!

 Sorry about the watermark this is the only one I have to share at the time...but really having fun with these they are not meant to be perfect they are meant to be FUN!! And that they are...sloppy little messes of JOY! Funny and cute! Did these on canvas material with the image transfer technique for the faces...some of these dolls are painted and sewn and some are sew with material on top of canvas and stuffed...not stuffed tightly but slightly... so fun! That orange hair...just kills That was not the idea when doing it but I sat it down and when I came back to it and saw the hair i laughed so hard and thought...Mona Lisa gone Carrot Top...had to run with it lol

Not much else is new in my life right now...just been working and working and working lol This is a good thing it aids in surviving this all over the world getting me down making me sad and frustrated with the worlds lack of need for peace and rather a need for territorial ownership....its none of yours....if its not all of yours. God made it..who are you to claim it....unrealistic I know...naive I know...OR...maybe..that is how it is...that simple. sickens me.

Keep an eye out for Sunday's and if time permits I will certainly post through the week...and thanks for stopping by beautiful kind where ever you go....<I read that somewhere once..or something like it....xx


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