Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top Five Fav's

Hello Cherrios!

Good day but a good day. I think I missed a Sunday post forgive has been a bit busy.
I do hope this week's Sunday night blogging finds you well and in good spirits..

I was talking with an art friend of mine and we were discussing how sometimes as an artist we both tend to go through phases...phases with colors...phases with mediums...sometimes I will get an itch to sew...and I will dew like its no ones business for weeks....get tired of it and something will get my attention...a new rubber stamp or anything really...glad I'm not alone in that...thought it was a nutty Deb thing :) This weeks top five favorite things for me happen to be sewing...been making and selling my SHE dolls like crazy lately..I cant seem to keep up with all the people who want one but luckily they all understand that I do work...and my art friends are the most patient people...shipped off about 12 of them this past weekend! Yay! Right? I've also been working on some wooden houses...I had Don cut the wood for me weeks ago but the edges were a bit rough...sanded them down and smoothed the wood out and now they are perfect!

My third of top five fav tings this week is happy material.

..I have been sifting through various fabric stores and scraps i have from all sorts of projects and have some of the cutest fabrics for my dolls...stoked about happy material!!! Fourth in top five fav is my favorite coffee cup..its one thing to be  happy to have a great cup of coffee but i have a few favorite coffee cups that are meaningful to me for one reason or another....this particular coffee cup was from an ex supervisor who was a mentor to me in many ways...we got along very well neither of us were happy in the jobs we were in and when i told her that I found another job and would be putting in my two week notice she was so happy for me and supportive and she threw a party for me...she bought me this mug and knowing how scarred I was to take a leap of faith and leave a job I had been at for over 8 years...the cup meant a lot to me and severed as a reminder! Now it serves as a reminder of her and what a cool person she was to work for and with. Miss you Wendy! Hope you are well! :)


trinkets and buttons....all things I am using on many different projects...they make me happy!! :)

Hope you have had a great holiday weekend this far..looking forward to having a Monday off tomorrow for art!~Be blessed friends....xx

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