Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Morning

Raise of my coffee cup to you....good day palz....hope this finds you all well. So sorry for my lack of posting but I was rather sick and always very busy. I am still getting over the last bits of a severe case of Bronchitis...feeling much better but this cough just lingers...Also been rather busy with sewing my SHE dolls, running the art group I have and all of its swaps......yawn.....and work of course...taking care of my dad on get the picture. Finally got out for a bit with my camera to enjoy a beautiful Fall day of Friday..had a vacation day and utilized it for a nice ride in the country to some of our favorite well as Blake's Cider Mill and one of my favorite locations The Lambs Tail. Here are a few photos from my ride in the country.

 Beyond that worked on an October Zine...

Really loved how my Edgar Aleen Poe page in my zine came out so I made that page into some Halloween post cards! Will be sending those out to friends and loved ones this week so they get them by next week. 

Some Gelli Plate playing last night ..catching up on swaps

 In love with Dina Wakley line of stamps. Attended a stamp and scrapping convention yesterday with my sister Vickie, Don and Chris ...had a great time and fell in love with all the great products Dina is coming out with...wish I knew how to get a company to create my stamp designs...

 Boo buckets for my girls...we had a fun night last weekend watching Bettlejuice, making mummy wieners and swapping booo buckets! 

And...well you can see I've been busy...I've made and sent out close to 60 SHE Dolls in rhe last two months as well. Where do I find the time? I beg for it bargain for it ....I really don't know there is NEVER enough time in the day for me. Today? Heading down to take care of my dad...going to go check into a car I might buy and then to my sisters to swap boo buckets and have chilli!! Yum! You all have a great Sunday night and hope you enjoyed this visit! xx

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