Sunday, December 07, 2014

One of these days....

It has been so long....

Hello...(echo...hello hello hello) is anyone out there ( out there out there out there) ? lol Truth life is so darn busy....and so much has been going on I kinda just didn't even know where to start but when you enjoy writing and blogging artfully....there is a nagging sense of oh man my blog.....I really gotta get back to my blog...I haven't blogged forever!!! It's driven me to the brink of madness...ok I was already there but let's go with it.....

So...some things really haven't changed very much. I am working lots of hours, still taking care of my dad on the weekends and working hard to sell my SHE dolls. I also have been working on dolls as part of an online doll making class I have been taking. Danita Arts "A Doll Story" course to be exact. I just love Danita she is a hoot and such a joy to learn from. I really admire her unique dolls and what goes into them. They are hard work but they are so incredibly cool and worth it...each doll takes on a life of its own and personality as it goes from a simple pattern into a beautiful doll.

I got very sick with Bronchitis and acute Sinusitis. Missed nearly a week of work...was sick with it for a month and just as I started getting better...I got it back. Two months later I am happy to say ( and knock on wood) I am feeling much better. I was probably more sick with this than I have ever been in my adult life. This has been the first time that I actually considered getting a flu shot or was angry with myself for not getting one. Everyone in my life gives me a hard time about not getting a flu shot and not a one of them skipped a beat when I got this sick however.....let me point out that ...this years flu shots have been revealed to be entirely POINTLESS. The flu that is going around has mutated and a new shot wont be available for another 3-4 months. Basically Spring so lots of good it would have done right? I once got a flu shot and it was the last time I got one. I got so sick from the shot I felt like I honestly really had the was not mild and just symptoms...I got very sick and from then forward have not wanted one. I do believe that the elderly should get one every's just too hard on them to bounce back from. And so.....the holidays are right around the corner...that too has been keeping me rather busy. Thanksgiving....Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all..... however many of you are actually still reading my  posts when I show up twice a blue moon :)

Been working with some paper clay....very interesting stuff and the possibilities are endless. Paper mache has come a long long way from third grade when we cut newspaper in strips and dipped them into cold sticky flour and water mixture....anyone else remember doing it that way?

Artistically I find myself a bit frustrated. Frustrated with how many directions my interest go in. It keeps me from ever really being 110% in with any one medium or genre of art. My interest is not just photography and not just mixed media art or journaling...I love sculpting and blogging artfully....writing...painting...mixed media art...some graphic design, digital art, sewing, doll making, image just doesn't stop and the problem with this is that my list of things I'd like to do or try is ever growing and each day I wake....there are no more hours added to the day. my interest I guess are scattered and I have been thinking about 2015 and where I'd like to go with it.....I think it would behoove that word would behoove narrow a few interest down until I am either no longer interested, or have more hours added to the day. And that is whats been going on ....and then some but nothing note worthy for this here blog. 
Yes...frequency is on the list for 2015. Keep an eye out. 


  1. Ummmh, you need to start now, one of my sweetest friends ever! I am adding you to my blog list on MY Blog and I am really needing to come here and see what you are up too, even though we chat on FB, I need to see your lovely work here so I can drop in and leave you comments. You can not keep all this inspiration to yourself. :) Unleash your Muse here sweet friend! I will be checking back on you!!! 2016 and counting down!! Love you!!!
    XO Kim

    1. Kim Collister, I did not know this was here! You too are one of my most admired and loved friends. I am sorry this blog has gone to dust but time has not been my friend as you know! I am going to do some planning and revamp it now that I am able to take a bit of time here and there to dedicate to it even if its just a couple of times a week. Thanks for the encouragement!!
      I love you too!! xo Deb