Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Will always remind me of my grandfather...he was my favorite person.
 Visited their old farm house once or twice as an adult and it was amazing to me how small that little garage seemed as an adult.
 Was always with the horses..he raised Kentucky Derby horses and worked on the farm for a living. He worked his ass off...and he loved the horses.
 This one reminds me of how easy kids today have it. They complain about cutting the lawn...they have NO idea. He was the hardest worker I ever knew.

 Here with my mother as a little girl,Mildred, Dovie and Herley Ware.
 Lookin pretty swank Papaw...Sunday digs I'm sure.
 THE BARN...took this photo as an adult..our summers were spent traveling in my moms old cars to Kentucky to see them and escape the life we lived..we would get there and all of us just wanted to take off running up to that barn. Will NEVER forget watching a pony be born one late summer night....we lived in Detroit and every time we visited...I'd get a mason jar and try to bring back fire flies because my friends in Detroit didnt believe that my grandpa's farm had magic bugs that glowed in the dark lol....they died before we even got out of Kentucky...never failed. He tried to tell me they wouldn't make it back to Detroit...I was stubborn even then....
This photo is so powerful to me. This was taken not long before he passed away, and shows him visiting my grandmothers grave. I do believe, they were the cutest couple who ever lived...he missed her so...and I miss them so.

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