Thursday, March 01, 2012

Any Crayola Fans Out There?

I have been a long-time Fan of Crayola. As a child, nothing made me more happy than being taken to K-Mart and being allowed to get a new box of Crayola Crayons and one of those large floor sized coloring books. It was my favorite thing to get as a "prize" aside from this big bop-it balloons they had when I was a kid. Throughout my life, I have remained a loyal fan of Crayola. Well into my adult years, and even to this day in any store I must walk through the Crayola aisle in any given store to see their newest products, sometimes buying crayon's just because there are new colors or the box is something interesting. My girls now 22 and 17 were always Crayola fans as well and we all agree there are no other crayons like Crayola ones. My firm opinion is that all other crayons suck other than the adult crayons that I bought last year at the Novi Expo Scrap Booking Convention.  Those are pretty amazing but, I can remember about 8 years ago, Crayola came out with a pencil box filled with a box of crayons and inside they had four colors UN-NAMED. I cannot tell you the excitement I had when I saw that you could enter a contest and possibly have the names you came up with, given to these new colors. I thought for days and held these colors in my hands, and came up with some of the most clever names ever. Manic Mango for a fruity sort of orange, Royal Velvet for a purple-reddish color and Looney Lime for another...can't remember what I came up with for the last one. I went to the Crayola website, so excited, and filled in the form to enter the contest, so happily typed out my colors names and about three days later got an e-mail stating I was too old to enter the contest. I was PISSED OFF. LOL
So I was bitter for a little while, but get the whole its for the kids thing. But here is the thing. Crayola is not just for kids. So stoked I found these at Walmart and because their awesome for things like art-journaling, collage work, ATC's, just about anything artistic really I wanted to share them with you guys.

Now, the first set the large thick Twistables are HEAVENLY you guys. Their almost slightly oily which allows for smudging and color blending. I'm really not kidding I was skeptical when I got them and was just being brand loyal as I have always been to them and thought well if I don't like them I have kids I know will take them! They ROCK.  when they say "super smooth" their not lying!
The second set of extreme colors are more true to the way a crayons usually colors, you have to press a bit harder their colors are amazing however. So vibrant and covers so well which is what really sets Crayola apart from other crayons in my opinion.
So many artist it seems anyways, think that if they don't buy these very expensive art supplies, or buy them from a specialty store, that their art is not "legit" it then somehow seems to be more "crafty" than ART. This isn't true. A great artist, a  great creator will take anything they can get their hands on and create good art. That even includes crappy crayons, I would just melt them and sculpt opposed to coloring with them LOL But don't think your art is childish or not respected if you pay $3.00 for Crayola Crayons opposed to 15.00 for some other thing you get the same or less from. FEAR NOT...Crayons. They have withstood the test of time. Case in point anyone here ever heard of the artist Don Marco? He is a crayon master and also a faithful fan of Crayola. If you have never seen this guy his website is a MUST. you will be simply amazed at what this man does with Crayola Crayons!! Here is a link for you all...I encourage you strongly to check this out even if you are non-interested in crayons!

(Image from Don's official website)
I strongly encourage all of you with small children to keep their creative minds active. My girls are both fantastic artist. Better than they even realize. They both can draw so well, perhaps one of my blogs will be dedicated to showcasing some of their art. It warms my heart when I see my friends here like Lisa Potoczak Gonzalez sharing images of her children creating masterpieces. When my girls were small I loved hanging their art on the fridge and doing projects with them...I still have a massive huge box of school project and art they made through the years and have both of their current art works hanging on my walls today! :)
Well I hope you guys enjoyed today's blog and that you have a beautiful day today. I am still sick with this terrible sinus infection, happy that I can at least breath out of my nose today which is more than I can say for last night. Peace & love friends. See you on the flip side! Deb~


  1. Hey guess what i bought today even BEFORE I read this... A box of 24 Crayola Crayons. I had to make a deal that I would share them with my 4-year-old daughter but we've been coloring a bit today. My son has a doodle book that gives you an idea for a picture and you 'finish' it. I think the new crayons are just itching to get into that book after he kiddos go to bed.
    Great post!

  2. Very cool Cheryl! Glad you enjoyed the post!! Color on!!