Saturday, March 03, 2012

Know what makes me happy?

Colors and patters! YAY! Been wanting to pick up some Origami paper for some of my college projects and can't express enough how stoked I am about the colors and patterns I found. I was thinking from the second I grabbed them how many different things this could be used for. All but what its sole intention is. Origami is not my friend. It ends up balled up in the garbage can. NEVER comes out the way it is suppose to. BUT..the paper is great for many other uses! Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am and have been for the last two days working on Don's son's wedding invitations, save the dates and the bridal shower invites. Also doing a logo this weekend for some girls who are doing the relay for life fight against caner. They want some cool t-shirts so I will post some of these things I am working on later on tonight. Hoping to be able to get to some of my own artistic plans at some point tonight and tomorrow. Time will tell. Check out these cool colors and patterns!!

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