Sunday, August 26, 2012


Been a real pain and not done yet but hope you guys enjoy the new stuff I've done around here...was time for a change..change is good right? Well sometimes anyways...
Was a bit upset because I came here and tried to upload a few things and got a message that I had reached my max upload..not sure what that means and had no clue there was even such a thing but guess that makes some kind of perfect sense? There has to be a limit right? Going to try to upload some things to this post and hopefully will be able to. I wanna tell you all about this amazing place we found on accident one day while taking a ride in the woods so to is called The Lamb's Tail...Here is a link to their site:

The place is truly amazing you guys. I find such great inspiration there with my camera and its just the greatest eye candy in the world. Ever changing this place is...each visit I've made since finding it, I am beside myself at how uniquely decorated it is and wanted to share it with you all. 

Bonnie is one of the owners and she is such a kind woman...she allows me to have some creative expression with my camera there when I visit and is always really pleasant and friendly. If you live in Michigan or ever visit...find your way to Armada one day and browse...if you are into antiques this place is ranked one of the best in the state. Bonnie has a group of artist who work for her...finding amazing items and hand crafting beautiful things. 

Here are some of the photos I took out there yesterday..well day before at this point it is so late...hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.. Bonnie if you see this thank you so very much for your kindness and the inspiration that is everlasting when I visit your little haven in the country.
I love this photo..the hay on its head cracks me up like it was rolling in it lol

Bonnie sells the most beautiful dried flower arrangements..
These little shoes stole my heart..I LOVE them...

 Then after we spent some time in the Armada area we went to visit our pals Joe and Ember...they have beautiful property in Emmit and its always a ton of fun going out there four wheeling through the woods with my camera strapped on my back...hiking through woods finding pretty natural things to snap photos of...was reflecting while editing these next few images that I took on their I find myself seeing weeds as very pretty..most people find weeds to be annoying but in the forest no one cares and their beautiful..I sometimes say I's much rather hand a bundle of weeds than a dozen's why..
Slight reminder that Christmas is not far off...I LOVE the smell of fresh pine...

Hope you enjoyed your visit! More new things in the works...just getting started!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You have a real talent for them!

    1. Thank you so much Karenann...sometimes I wonder if anyone else enjoys what I try to capture and you few that come by and take the time to say hello and compliment my work really brighten my day and touch my soul. Thank you so much!! You are one pretty talented soul yourself! :) xo

  2. Incredible!!
    Love all the photos... Felt like I was right there. :)
    I agree, wild flowers & weeds deep in the forest, pure, delightful, heavenly.
    The thought of untouched & freely grown... You captured "innocence" at it's finest. ~xx

    1. Thank you my dear friend are so wonderful to me..always full of sunshine in my day and nice compliments and I love ya! I hope you received your artful snail mail today! If not it should be there for sure tomorrow please let me know once you get it so I know ti got there okay! :) Big hugs and much love! (you)

  3. I just wrote you here on your blog and it disappeared! Again, I didn't know there was a "message" thing on Facebook so I didn't get your address until today, Monday. I tried to beat the mailman to get it out to you but missed him. It is all set to go out tomorrow. Hopefully you'll get it before the deadline. Just depends on how fast the mail goes from AZ to MI.

    1. Karenann you are fine...I asked everyone to just be sure to mail it out by August 31st so you are actually ahead of the game! Good job! I love early! Unless its my alarm clock! LOL :)

  4. Do you ladies by chance know why my profile image is a negative sign? I went to my blogger profile and made sure to upload a new image...but it is not showing here..making me slightly batty lol I have done a lot of change here and have some more to do this coming weekend looking forward to that but I dont like that every comment I make leaves that absent symbol behind....:(