Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Stuff

She is not complete but in the works...had to step away from her she was not coming out the way i wanted..

These are the cardboard boxes that Joann Fabrics has fabric material on...I saw a ton of them with almost perfect thick cardboard in a bin and asked the girl what she was going to do with them at which time she told me they throw hundreds of them away daily...I asked if I could purchase them and she said you can HAVE them...been loving this stuff makes for great lite weight postage for mail art!!

 Primed with Gesso...hate waiting for things to dry hence I could never work with oil paints..
Gesso is relatively quick...

 People ask all the time how I come up with the things I do for collages and my mixed media art journals...well....a little bit of it is accidental...I cut things all the time...tear things from magazines...even if its just a color I like I cut a piece off...I have several show boxes and plastic bins with things I have just cut out in case I ever wanted to use it...sometimes I search for specifics but not always.. I sit and add and subtract objects until I feel it is conveying the thought I have...
In this case...I have heard several people including myself this past week...suggesting that due to work demands, kids, obligations and all of those things they never have time to do the things they love and as a note to self and a reminder to all of isn't going to wait for are not living if you do not make time or find time for some of the things that fill your spirit with happiness. Some nights I work late into the early morning hours knowing that I have to work at my day job the next day..or that I have other obligations...but life cannot suck everything out of me to the point that I neglect what my soul calls for and that is creating things...being creative and using improving skills...reading learning doing...
SO...this one above reminded me a great deal AFTER arranging it..of Frida..with the suit and the flowers and I loved that until Don said " He looks cool" so I changed the legs...plan on doing another subtracting the color and sticking the gray scale of a male but wanted this one to represent me somehow..

And this is the finished piece..used everything from oil pastels to ink pads to colored pencils and bee's wax love it but do wish I had left it black and white with very little color...
you live you learn :)
More to come!! Can't wait for more of you to sign up for the mail art postcard swap...
every participant will get an extra small little treasure in their snail mail from me for participating! Have you read the post and signed up yet? What are waiting for its only ONE postcard...any medium you want! Go check it out and get back to me on that would love to have ya!! International guests welcome to join!
Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Simply Inspiring!! ~xx
    Love what is going on here... thank you for sharing. :]