Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sew....I'm switching gears for a day or two...
In light of the fact that my dear blogging world and Facebook friend Lisa is currently with child :) I have found some inspiration to help me through this post surgery healing process. SEWING! been just waiting for something to make me get out my old big trunk of materials and sewing machine and a baby is just the thing! Besides that Jeannine from Four Rooms has inspired me to see if I have what it takes to get into quilt making at some point this Fall..that is the plan anyways...
Have some very cute baby material and ribbons and such and just searching for some patterns to make some cool little baby love gifts for Lisa and her soon to be new family member...Thank you Lisa for being pregnant lol as silly as that sounds this time that I am forced to slow down and heal is making me slightly nutty hate being out of work when it is not for a fun day off or art day...and there is not a great deal I can do physically while I heal so sewing seems to be the shift of gears for me for this next week!
It is funny because my sewing adventure has been a very odd one. I was never good at sewing...well let me rephrase that was never professional or diligent about sewing and through the course of my sister getting me into artful jouranling, I loved sewn paper. So I painted a door to my sisters art studio for her and she loved it so much she bought me a small portable pixie sewing machine...I was in love immediately but broke it. Yes friends...didn't have it a year and broke it. apparently i wanted it to sew more paper and journals than it was willing to and it had all it could take I was heart broken! So then, I found on Craig s list a woman who was selling a small vintage cute baby blue old fashioned looking portable sewing machine that I thought would be perfect just for crafting so to speak. Well that was a joke it was worth the whole 10 bucks it cost and it was great for a minute but it too couldn't handle what I was attempting.
Many moons ago when my now almost 24 yr old and almost 18 yr old were little...I made costumes for them out of thick felt for Halloween and they came out wonderful for their purpose..they were warm and didn't require a pattern...perfect for someone inexperienced and they were all done by hand...which is no joke honestly...I can remember getting blisters from all of the hand sewing I did on their costumes. Well all of these years later and many artful projects later...I started wanting to know a bit more about sewing and playing with those few small portable sewing machines just made me want a real one that wouldn't break with some elbow grease you know? I talked about it and one day even had one in my shopping cart, went so far as to buy it and bring it home and buyers remorse because it was very expensive made me take it back without even taking it out of the box. I do not like spending money like that on one item we are not financially in a place to shop that way even if at the time I had the extra cash...I returned it and kicked myself daily afterwards for not just keeping it thinking of all the cool ways I could have made it worth the money that it cost. Cool throw pillows and things for my girls and their bedrooms, decor for the house and Christmas gifts I could make...REAL hand -made vintage stockings for all the kids and these rag dolls I had been wanting to make forever! Soon everyone was kicking me for returning that sewing machine because they all knew how bad I really wanted it and that I am determined enough that I could so some cool things with it. When I completed my Masters parents threw me a graduation party and my wonderful beautiful daughters...on their own accord bought me the coolest gift I have ever received!!! THIS>
While I was so upset that they spent their hard earned money on it they demanded that I not give them a hard time and make them cool things with it! I have to say...I'm getting pretty good at it! I have a link above of some of the things I've made with it and continue to give it a go...I still seem to do better without real patterns...I kind make my own. A few things I've tried with patterns that come prpackaged have lingo and terms I am not familiar with and advanced techniques in sewing that have me making up new swear words each time I try...but as I said I am determined! So...I've been giving it a go for about a year and a 1/2 now...have learned a great deal so far and my next huge adventure with it is that I would like to make a new quilt and drapes for my bedroom and quilts for my daughters...that will be in the works for this coming Fall and Winter projects...but for now...I'm content with a few easy baby love sewing things to make for Lisa :) I needed a reason to bring it all out again and it is the perfect thing to do while I'm healing from surgery because it does not require too much hardcore strength ...i can break when ever I need too...and I'm excited...besides one day I hope to have some grandchildren of my own and to get really good at sewing so I can make them beautiful thing and costumes for Halloween that dont require blisters! :) This will be good here is a look at my art table now set up for sewing fun.. baby stuff! <3 p="p">
Have a good night everyone..


  1. What a delightful post... :]
    Sewing to keep you "arting", such an inspiring idea!
    Who wouldn't be happy sewing baby stuff, so sweet!!
    I myself, love the umbrella pattern... (sigh)

  2. me too April..and the baby elephants with birdies..I love babies so much.. I hope all is well in your world and that you are smiling beautifully as you should! <3 How is the mail art coming?