Sunday, September 02, 2012


Well folks...while most of us are lucky enough to have tomorrow off the long weekend is reaching its last stretch...we have gone for two days straight...covered much territory and found some really cool things and places along the way. Don & I love going to new towns we have not explored before or return to towns we have explored to see and do more or see what is new...and at these destinations I love taking images of the things that in my opinion  make the town either unique or gives it its particular character. Some of these places are just always going to be our favorites...and even if I have taken photos there a thousand times I will want to return and take more...different of things..possibly what makes me peculiar I guess. When Don and I first started dating, I would bring my camera along for walks in the park or drives through the country and he would say to me " What are you taking a photo of" "What do you see" or "I don't see anything there what are you doing" and I would just smile at him :)...sigh....and say..."Trust me." He doesn't even bother now...he knows for whatever reason I'm aiming...its my own and I seen something I wanted to capture. I see it in everything and everywhere I look. Shapes, textures, colors, rust, glare, light, depth, gravity, movement, illusion, contour, contrast, charm, character, emotion....its everywhere in everything for me.
 Since we have gone for days part because we had to go certain places and others because they were an adventure..I'm happy to say that we are going nowhere today. Today for a day of relaxing and creating. I have a few different artistic pursuits to work on...start or finish..and some photo editing to get to...I'm getting a bit behind because my work days are pretty demanding therefore I'm limited to only so many hours in a day / night to work on my soulful as I post just know that in all its randomness, there is no real order to photos today that I want to share...
Here are a few from Milford, MI. where we explored yesterday. Michigan really does have some of the most charming little towns on the map...I love the city and its always got a special place in my heart but little towns with character are my favorites places to check out..I love small boutiques, bakeries and antique shops.

We stopped at a park in the area as well..beautiful little park with so many things to all know how I love weeds and flowers...I'm finding the changing of weather and season to offer some unique colors and transformations from life to Autumn..I like capturing the process..some things not all but some are as beautiful on their way out as they are on their way in or in full bloom and youth..

Way more to come throughout the day...more to come on the progress of the mail art swap..and photo adventures..check back for more and have a wonderful kind of Sunday my friends..thanks for stopping by...and by all means...say hello. :)

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