Monday, September 03, 2012

From my favorite nook in the woods!

Also had the pleasure of visiting my good friends farm...what a lovely visit and what cute chicks and babies she has! :)
My little pal...what a doll when I got there she picked that flower for me...

 My little friend had her finger accidentally smashed in a badly that they had to use surgical super glue to hopefully keep her finger. Prognosis looks good thus far but keep her in your thoughts if you would...she is such a beautiful little girl with so much character and personality and a heart that is so genuine and golden..I adore this little one! Let this image serve as a reminder when the day is getting on your nerves and you are scowling..
 She has every reason to cry, be sad or scared..but shes smiling..with her whole heart! 

 Her mom is a great friend of mine...and like this pretty little one her mom has a presence about her...always upbeat..smiling and shiny...look at those eyes friends..beautiful huh?
Diggin him! LOL Love his eyes too!
Picking Miss Debbie a flower...awwwww

 What a busy few days...and yet there was even more clownin around!

Overload? You bet took about 500 photos this weekend...I took so many even I am having a hard time keeping up! Been working all morning on prepping for four courses I'm teaching this Fall at the college I work for..about 7 hours this morning has been spent on preparations...creating syllabus for four courses..saving and downloading resources, setting up the online learning environments for four courses..YIKES! Give teachers you know lots of love and have no idea what goes into preparing for a course of any type...
And do...I'm about to cook dinner and the rest of the night I will be where my heart is happiest...
with my art supplies..making something swanky for April Cole's art swap...stoked about that..and feeling like maybe while I work on art...watching Benny and Joon...I love that movie...Don should be sooo thrilled..we've only watched it a thousand times over the
I hope you are all having a nice holiday off...and that your weekends were as fun as mine was! So many more photos and things to come this week....keep an eye out..stop by say hello...kick your shoes off at the door please..we just remolded the place...;)


  1. Love all of these photos... WOW! :]
    What a fantastic time...
    Looking forward to trading an art journal card with you too!! ~xx

  2. My favorite nook too! Can't wait to get my pics off the camera today!!