Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy But Still Here

Exhausted from a very busy intense week..
but alive and kickin..many photos and things to come pals..just gonna take some time..the holidays really get overwhelming don't they? All sorts of good things in the works and on horizons..
just gotta find some time to share it all with patient and keep checking back..
I have some time coming up after Thanksgiving to dedicate to just this and art and things..
Hope you are all well and here are a few photos of the fog yesterday morning..
I find each season fascinating though winter is not my favorite of them all..
When the leaves have come and gone and the trees are is interesting to see their skeletons...
how different each one is and it reveals their character..
I too, love the way the branches contrast again the sky..I really love fog as well so these were fun to work on and there are more on the way..again...I worked 6 days is my only day off and I'm not feeling so well so I'm just taking it easy before 3 back to back 10 hour days...

like the seasons change
so do people...
and just like the trees are revealed
so are we...
I feel change coming..just like the seasons... 

I can feel it coming but not sure what it is...
just like walking or driving in fog..and being unable to see very far ahead..or behind..


  1. Take a deep breath, pause... smile. My friend.
    Love the first photo, Debbie.
    Wonderful work!
    Happy Monday. ~xx

  2. i feel it, too. there is definitely a change coming...i felt very hibernational (i like making up words), as if on the verge of birthing something. so much work, both internal and external. also, debbie your photos continue to astound me!!!