Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Late Night Early Morning Post..

Did you vote? I certainly hope so it is your right and duty as an American. Not real thrilled with politics myself but feel it is important to vote. That is as political I will get here on my blog because regardless of who I voted for or what I stand for and believe in nothing separates people more than politics and should know..Jesus is my pal...spiritually..not religiously. Onward..:)
Many new things in the works for this blog soon..I have some good ideas am laying out..trying to get a platform for and yes I know I do a lot of changes to this place on a regular basis...honestly it is a bit selfish..possibly more for me than even for all of you..I enjoy it and just like the rooms in my apartment...they never stay the same for very long..I like changing things around and improving (hopefully). I also want to update all of the pages of photography and graphic and such because so much of that is old..due to a hectic work schedule I have had lately, it has been hard to really dive in and do some major updating but its coming ...its in the works and I'm getting super excited about it! Hope you will all stick around for it!
Been a long two days thus far in my work week. The courses at the college I work for are 10 weeks long..we are currently mid way into week 6..mid terms just passed which can be a great deal of pressure for college students and once the mid terms are out of the way the major projects start getting thick...grades become vital and emotions run high...this is where my job gets so rewarding honestly. Just today I had a student who was one of my own in one of the courses I teach come in and as I was signing her into the Learning Center I asked " How is your quarter going how are your grades?" She told me she was doing wonderful and that she only has a couple of classes left and she graduates in June...that means so much to me and it reaffirms that I am doing my is also very rewarding when students I have worked with on anything that has to do with Composition, English, Literature, APA or paper and essay writing come back and request me or tell me they got a good grade after visiting with means the world to me. It is also though friends, very exhausting. lol If you can imagine...if you have ever taken a college course you know how stressful it can be to carry a full load, have a job or two in some cases and children, husbands and wives, hardships, ill or elderly parents, handicap family members and so much more on their plates...well they are dealing with one persons load...we deal with hundreds of students loads. lol I love my job...I honestly do...the core of what the mission and purpose of what we do is the fundamental nature of the work...helping people earn educations and reach dreams and goals. My art is is for me..though I love sharing it and giving back with it in some small insignificant ways seemingly, but my work with education is not selfish at all and it feels great.
It is late here and I must get my behind to bed soon...I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and rest of week. Keep checking back..much to come.
Peace be with you all...xx~


  1. WOW!!
    You have a full plate here...
    Can not wait to see what you have in store for us!!! :]
    Looking forward to all the inspiration, beautiful photos, and wonderful artwork.
    You Rock, Debbie! ~xx