Sunday, December 23, 2012

A day of rest? I think so...

Hi friends..from the looks of all of the blogs I follow I am not alone in that life has been rather demanding an busy with the holidays..I hope this finds you enjoying the time leading to Christmas and all of its festivities..Coming to you this morning longing for the coffee beans I can hear being grinned in the kitchen...YUM...perculated not brewed...dark french roast...heavenly.
A bit uncomfortable this morning having a strange pain in the left side of my back..just under my ribs hope to God it is not a kidney stone..I have been prone to them in the past and with the holidays approaching I have not been following my diet as diligently..haven't gained anything but haven't lost more and that is okay..I've rocked this so far and have no intention of stopping...just enjoying the holidays and those things like my mom's cooking that isn't around all of the time...or the pumpkin bread I made four batches of that the kids loved so much yesterday.
Had Don's kids as well as my own here yesterday ...14 of us to be exact it was a blast the kids had a great time and two stayed the night with us..thank goodness they dont wake us up early lovely sister whom I do love enormously called and woke me up this morning on the only one of four days that I have off for the holidays to sleep in...its all good. (evil grin) I love you sissie! :)
Been working on the tussie mussies I last posted about and will be making a few more of those today..last night very late I say to write to my dear friend after the evening calmed down and pulled out a new magazine and found a ton of all inspired at 1am it never fails its always late at night that great ideas come to me when the world & I should be sleeping.
And so...the coffee is done and I am going to sit with pen and paper...write a couple of letters to get in the mailbox today and head to the art supply store for a few items I need to grab...I'd like some canvas material for sewing...feels so great to have my sewing machine back...lots of goodies to come with sewing..and already thinking ahead to Valentines day :)
Here are a few photos of the last tussie mussies I made..

and a few shots of Don's grand babies that were here yesterday..such cuties..the loved their super size hello kitties I got for them and their coloring books and fun and inspiring watching the little ones color :) They have no boundaries with their crayons they dont limit themselves and they just freely get entranced with crayons on their hands :) So funny I got them suckers with those mouth peices that look the mouth of the abominable snowman lol they were walking around with monster
Meet Ava and Addie
What a doll huh?
Love that she is making her own art on the blank page...double fisted even lol I think she likes blue..
I made this cute little heart last night just goofing off with some scraps and a sewing needle..
think I may break out the sewing machine today and play with sewing canvas and paper..

An art day is in order before the insanity of the next two days kick in and then back to work the 26th for two back to back ten hours days. Have a wonderful day today and perhaps I will be back later on with some artful goodies to share...and now..for some letter writing providing my hand allows it. xx

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  1. The coffee sounded perfect!! I can smell it from here... :]
    Love the picture of your trinkets, such "eye-candy".
    The grand babies... way too adorable, look at those blue eyes!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity, your darling family, and your artful life...