Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tussie Mussie Madness!!

Hello beautiful friends!! So sorry its been some time and haven't been keeping up well enough it it dusty in here..going to need a major clean up and revamp after the holidays but wanted to share some inspirational things you will you all.

My dear friend April Cole from over at April Cole's Studios

has become such a close dear friend far beyond just artful networking and world of blogging..
she sent me the most amazing Christmas package and among the beautiful artful goodies in it was a tussie mussie! I just simply fell in love with it! It is beautiful and simplistic as she makes it sound to me their just elaborate and wonderful treasures..very girly very festive and so I did some research into the history of them and that just made me fall even more in love with them and today I thought I would share a few photos with you all of the ones I was inspired by April Cole to make. She and my other best friend Karen Ann constantly inspire me, peak my interest in new projects and challenge me artistically which I needed so desperately for a bit there..Thank you for your friendship , love and inspiration April and hope these make you proud. I have about 12 more to do making them for all the girls in the family to go with their packages as just a girly extra! peakin til Chrsitmas!

 Prepping for holidays, doing some side work and trying to make sure all goes smoothly and children are happy little critters :) You can see I am mega busy but always still here and thinking of you all...
Hoping you have peace in your to celebrate with and love.

PS..Solicitors: You are NOT welcome here. Keep your fast money making schemes and non-related to my blog post comments off of my page. Folks I may have to make the privacy settings here more strict..sorry about that but don't care for being spammed or having these solicitors leaving their comments. Get lost the kindest possible way. :)


  1. Your pictures are awesome! I also realize that I don't have anything to make them with! I used all my pretty stuff on a Bauble Ball from here
    Date is December 7. Mine is very pretty but making one was enough. I'm hoping to get to the craft stores after the holidays to pick up some stuff that I might be able to use. I know where they have the "cheap" stuff, so I won't be out much money!!!
    I don't know what the security settings are on my account, but I've only had one strange comment. So up your settings if you want. No one wants spam sent to their blog! Hugs!

  2. I just checked my blog, and I have it set up that the comment will not appear until I approve it. I've looked all over the settings on my blog, and I can't figure out how I had that happen. On your blog, if you can read the funny numbers and letters, the comment appears right away. I also think "robots" are doing this and they can't read!

    1. Thank you Karen for the info..I will certainly check that out!!

  3. These are beautiful, Debbie!
    Love how you took what I crafted and made your own... your style. :]
    They are simply adorable. Great job!
    Glad I could inspire you... love the "magic" in art!!
    Very addictive to make, right?
    Endless possibilities, such a sweet gift to give... HAVE FUN CREATING YOURS! ~xx