Friday, May 03, 2013

Hard time Healing

Woke up today in a lot of pain..I still cant believe I fell and hurt my leg like this. Worried about work and the lack of pay I will be getting for this mishap..and having a hard time with sitting, laying, sitting, laying, sitting, laying...its old. I am the care taker, and dont like asking for help..specially for things like the bathroom or water..or a shower..
With this being said I need to STOP this pathetic pity party I am having for myself today and resort to my gratitude list for the day. It always has a way of changing even if slightly my perspective on things. 
I am thankful today for...
Waking Up
Don and our kids
Josh coming to visit today before basic training
Sammy coming over later to see her mumma
pain killers...and thats rare I HATE pills but this hurts bad
good neighrbors
the birds in the tree outside my bedroom window cause I cant get outside right now
I love their song and watching them and it is as if they know...and just hang out with me a bit...
Fruit cups
the fact that my leg is not broken just possibly fractured
Fresh air
Spring weather
my flower beds getting in order
my art group and the great friends I have made there..

And the list will grow throughout the always does.

Some photos I've edited since I've been stuck sitting..
Not a professional photo but this was taken yesterday morning..bruising is getting much worse ad time progresses...going right on the back of my calf and the entire top of my foot :(

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