Thursday, June 13, 2013

We have to stop meeting so late like this....

Hello...weeee hours of the morning. Been working on some art and things tonight. Just wanted to come by because I will be pretty busy most of the day and give you guys some updates and photos to look at. Visited the Cranbrook Gardens this past in for free and cant beat that! Beautiful place it are some shots from there.

Worked on some ATC sleeves tonight...
 Spent the afternoon downtown in a meeting on the 39th floor of the Penobscott building..check out the view!
 These were just taken through glass and not edited..but wow huh? I love the city...even if it is in ruins I see the whole picture not just the ruin its become..i see rich history and potential..always will. 
Check out the history of the building! 
pretty cool stuff...the building you see in that last photo is current vacant..the owner stopped paying the bills and everyone had to vacate but hopefully someone does something with it what an amazing building!

 Took a ton more than this but this is all I had a chance to get to thus far. More to come as time progresses into the weekend. Night friends! 


  1. Great photos, friend! I want to go visit the gardens. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you sorry i didn't see this comment before had been rather busy for me the last ...oh two years lol.thank you and hope you get to see them..such a beautiful place!