Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hi Lovely Souls

Whats shakin? 
Been awhile had to dust through the cobwebs to get in here shew! 
So sorry for that but its been for wonderful good reasons..lots of life changes for me in the past two months and things are looking up..and it feels damn good friends! Can't say honestly...I've ever been so happy :) Tired..but happy. For several reasons I have been advised to not really discuss those changes too much for now but will soon. Just know ...its good good stuff!!!! :)

Havent had a chance to work too much on art this past shift has me really trying hard to adapt to very early mornings making for much earlier evenings. It is SO worth it but it takes its tole on the body. Been catching up on the second season of Game of Thrones in the little bit of free time I addicted to that show and cant tell you how mad I was and the fire I was spitting when Lord Stark ...well forget it if you haven't seen it dont want to spoil love love this show. Just started watching it on my one week vacation ..watched the whole first season and now nearly the end of the second and cant wait to see the third so that when the 4th begins I will be caught up to speed...great show ...onward!! 
Three weddings of family members took place this June..yikes! That kept us all on our toes...two is in the air or something corny like that...
Aside from the weddings keeping my weekends, I have been watching my lilly's daily waiting for them to bloom...much to my surprise this morning two of them popped! Look at these beauties..
Well good morning and welcome to life lovely lilies!

More to come any day now...their going to be so beautiful!!

New life...a beautiful thing...

Thanks for blessing my day!
Cant wait for the rest to bloom! Lots of flowers coming up...and so I think I might go check on the secret garden ...or find a new one lol and then I have an ATC swap..for of ATC's to package out and get into the mail....about 68 of them ...WOW is right huge swap with The Enchanted Imaginarium art group I run on FB...great group of people there whom I love very much!! Then art night for me!! YAY!! xx
Stay tuned...

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