Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hunting For A New Domain

Hello lovly..thanks for stopping by here today..
All apologies for not posting very often lately..seems I am getting slightly behind schedule with a lot of artful things lately but for all good reasons. New job is going fantastic I love it and love the people and honestly, other than getting use to the new hours and having a great deal of information to get use to that I've not been exposed to until now its really a dream job! So exciting.
We have been house hunting for a rental and this experience has been rather exhausting. Either its not in the area we would prefer or its too small or the photos posted look nothing like the house once we get there but I am now using a company to assist us in finding the right place and they fantastic..I am sure within the month we will have a new residence. This is great for many reasons..our dog buster needs a backyard to freely do 250 mph laps..poor guy has been in apartment living as long as we have and he is just as over it as we are. Can't wait for the first day I can turn him loose with no leash to run free...he just wont know what to do with himself and i have a feeling he will sleep alot the first few weeks lol Another reason is that I am looking for a place with extra for guests and one for an art studio...possibly a basement that is finished for an art studio and THAT my going to be HUGE in the OH YEAH scale of things. 
Have only worked on a few small things recently artistically speaking I get off work every day at 4pm and for two weeks straight every night we are out looking at places to move. buying is not an option just yet so these rentals can be a real pain to find the right one. Here are a few things I've worked on lately for swaps with The Enchanted Imaginarium an art group I administrate on FB here is a link if you are interested in checking us out it is a private group so just send me a message my FB link is located under the home tab here on my blog to the left of the page just click the F and it will take you right to me and the link for the art group is as follows...
Also on the home page to the right you will find a list of pages associated with this blog and there is one titled The Enchanted Imaginarium and there you will find who the members are and a bit about them and all of their wonderful talent! I love those gals...they are the greatest artistic friends a girl could ask for and have been so patient with me lately starting the new job and looking for housing. 
Here are some images of things made for swaps there and also some mail art things ive been working on here and there as time permits.
Current ticket swap poster closed as of today!

tickets i made for this swap and there are 6 other strips as well!

My muse is going insane with such limited time for creative juice...but it wont be much longer before im in my own art studio and having a blast..been jotting down ideas and projects and ideas and projects for weeks now...just takes some time to get where it is i need to be. That has been a huge lesson for me. 
Tonight? Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty at DTE Energy..Pineknob to us older folks who love that place...cant wait! Then tomorrow...recoup my voice and body and make some art! YAY! Have a great day folks and hope you enjoyed Forth of July...peace and love

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