Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I'm still alive and kicking..though some days lately I wonder..lol..HELLO! How the heck are ya friends? Bet you thought I forgot about this place huh? Not a chance..just been incredibly busy..let's see in the last 3 months I have resigned from a job I worked at for close to ten years, started a new job (you might have known that..going GREAT I love it!!) moved into a new house and that has had our heads spinning...(moving sucks and its a great deal of work) and that has kept me on my toes but wanted to come by here tell you that as soon as all of this is settled possibly into the weekend I will be back to some sort of normal ability to post and share! Can't wait! Hope you all are well and that life has been good to you all this summer..catch you soon pals! Love & peace!

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