Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Time No See!

Hello hello hello!!
It's been I had to really kick back the cobwebs here. So sorry for the disappearing act. Things starting moving a bit fast in my world and life circumstances demanded my undivided attention. But I'm here...alive and kicking...working my behind off and doing well! So glad to be back here. Have really missed blogging and sharing my journey. Let's see...left off in early August. Didn't even check out the last post I made but here goes. Started the new job as a Technical Writer at Tweddle Group on the Nissan / Infiniti team..I LOVE my new job. The people are amazing and fun to work with..the job is a great deal of information to learn and the hours took some major adapting to but I couldn't be happier with my decision to accept the position. We moved into a new place that has been a lot of work...moving really stinks...not only is it just hard to find a place you will be happy with...every single day...but its a great deal of work with limited time however...I am happy to report that we love the new place. MUCH more room even have an art studio room which is blissful!! Not sure how I managed for so long in that tiny apartment now that I have this space. Buster ( my pup) is happy as can be with a huge yard to run around in! So...its just been a bit of settling in to the new job and new surroundings....learning my job which has been a chore and very humbling..I left a place where I knew all the answers..where I had been for close to ten years and now at the new place I have to ask a million questions a day and pray a lot along the way that I retain it all..its getting better by the day and going really well.
It has been a challenge to balance art time with work and home life time...think I have a grip on that at this point hence I am back..and so glad to be. This place needs a facelift! Got some good things in mind...
 Let's see...what can I share with you visually...
Over the holiday weekend we took a camping trip up to Port Hope...ventured up around the thumb area and camped for 4 days..that was a blast ...survived a major storm 100 yards off of Huron lake in a tent...that was quite the experience...there is something rather cool about being in a tent during a huge bad storm and something really UNcool about it as well...not gonna lie pals...I started praying at one point for some protection..the good Lord never lets me down...:)
And so here are some photos from the in history this area of Michigan is and so you will see the lighthouse we got to go up into the tower of...scared of heights at this point in my life so the trip to the top was physically challenging..the trip down was mentally challenging. Made me sick for two hours afterwards but I faced my fear and did it!! Check it out!
 Port Hope County Campground..this image was taken from right in-front of our tent..

 Little bit of history for amazed me that the woman Catherine who took care of this lighthouse did so even during the cold winter months. If you have never been to northern Michigan in the winter you just couldnt understand...the lighthouse was not still isn't...she went up and down these stairs possibly 10-20 times a night...the crap we complain about in our daily lives right?

Going up was not so bad I just didn't look down begin after about 70---80---90 steps to really feel some muscles (or lack there of) in your legs...coming down was difficult for me...I had to stop got very shaky and sick to my stomach at one point cause I had to look down and you can see through the rails...if you fall you are pretty much VERY hurt or possibly dead.
pictures really do nothing for the view from the top its incredible...the view gives you a good idea of how shallow the water is in some spots...oh but dont let that fool you Lake Huron is a very large lake...and goes rather deep once out there..

Rocks rocks and more rocks...why you ask?  The colors..they were fascinating to me. Among some of my favorites..I just find nature and the wonders of things like colors in rocks interesting.  The artist in me perhaps or ...maybe im just batty? Not a far walk...:)

 Port austin is one of my favorite spots on the thumb of Michigan..on Saturday morning we checked out the big well known Farmers Market for some goods...and WOW..the produce and products, hand crafted items and baked goods are out of this world! Fresh flowers, pure Michigan honey and sun pickles...good God..

 Ventured after the Farmers Market a ways up around the tip of the thumb going toward Caseville and stopped to have luch on the beach with our loot from the Farmers Market....Smoked die for!
one of my personal favorite locations in Port Austin.. just a little quiet spot with beachfront for watching the breathtaking sunsets they are blessed with there...

Leaving the thumb to head home...
 Stopped at White Rock on the way back down this place great history there too..the views are just beautiful..
And what else...haven't done a great deal this summer and cant believe its over or almost..
done a few shoots for personal fun on nature / flowers...did a few family like photo shoots...
 a few of these are from the trip above..some not..

 While I did not ride in a hot-air balloon...even though its on my bucket list...I'm working toward facing that fear and this adventure a few weeks ago was enough to make me want to give it a go at some point ...i headed out to the launch site and the owner of this company was kind enough to even give me a wake up call and let me follow the on ground vehicle that follows the balloons for much fun and exciting a very cool process and as you can see...these guys work their butts off to get these things in the air and specially to get them down safe, and incredible amount of work and most of them do it on a volunteer basis..just for the love of flying. Pretty cool..

Lets see...what kept track for you all to give you updates...just never got around to it...
 Few shots from my new art room still in the works..


Digital kitty I did at some point in this time I've been gone...
and just some other random shots from my and there...

 Sunset sand birds from Kensington Beach here in MI

 Aside from church, work, a little art here and there just been working. Going to try to be a bit more consistent now that things have calmed down with blogging..hopefully I have gotten you up to speed with where I've been these missing weeks...I'm sure I've left out a few details but I'm exhausted looking at all of this...been a busy girl. I hope where ever the summer took you ..that you are well and happy...hope you didnt go do something crazy like get married ;) lol but if you so happen to have...CONGRATS! Catch you on the flip side pals....xx

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