Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday Evening

Hi there friends...
Hope this finds you well. In an attempt to keep my word I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging again and sharing this journey we are all on called LIFE...Been a lazy weekend for me which has been much needed...just not feeling so well this weekend friends...but was able to scoot my butt into the art studio for a bit here and there. Working on some Halloween ATC's and some Fall like envelopes and tags and having fun with that. Painting with real leaves has been fun and Gesso takes kindly to are a few images of things I've been playing with this weekend.

 Really enjoying the Fall palette...
Love my bright vibrant colors and neon's but just something so soothing about Fall colors...plums and browns and reds and oranges and yellows and creams..just love it!! Falling a bit behind in some photo editing ...took a great many photos that I plan on entering in a contest for The Michigan Renaissance  Festivals. Took the girls to that for their birthday and had a blast! Will need to work on those this other news I submitted 6 items to Somerset Life magazine in hopes of the opportunity to get published by them...would really love to be able to hand my daughters a publication with some of my work in it! That is something they can keep for all time! 
Don't want to reveal too much but here are a few shots from that day! 
 Fun times...many many more photos to come from that day...just haven't had the time. The Renaissance era is my favorite and I do believe that if we were ever alive in a past existence for me it was during that period. Ahh...the Ren fest is kinda like my Disney world and it is certainly a favorite placve to take photos...this is really not even a drop in the bucket of what I took that I said more to come! 
And now...I am going to sit with a warm cup of coffee...the last one for the night have to be up at 430am for work. relax with my Nook and try to get a good nights sleep in hopes of feeling much better tomorrow...
good night folks and stay tuned...more to come soon ..xx

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